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There are many different species of triggerfish. While the largest, the stone triggerfish can reach up to a meter long, most species range between 20 and 50 cm in length. The Triggerfish name comes from a defense mechanism in which the fish can erect its dorsal fins which can only be undone by depressing its second spine which holds the fins in place.

The Triggerfish diet consists of mostly slow moving, bottom dwelling crustaceans, or other creatures with shells and spines. In order to catch these fish the best option is a small stout hook. This is because they have a habit of nibbling on food rather than eating it whole.

The best habitat to fish for Triggerfish is near hard bottoms, reefs and ledges. They have a similar habitat to the Red Snapper and are often found in the same areas.

The Triggerfish can be caught on and off the shores of Destin year round. This makes them great for fishing in the winter months when there are limited options.  Plan your trip now to ensure that fishing for Triggerfish is a part of your journey.

These one day trips usually fill up fast.
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