Spanish Mackerel Fishing

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Spanish Mackerel are a species of mackerel that migrates to the northern Gulf of Mexico in the spring then returns to southern Florida gulf and to the Mexico gulf in the fall. This species is much smaller than the King Mackerel reaching up to about 33 inches and 11 pounds.

These fish live in more shallow waters ranging from 10 to 40 foot depths though occasionally are found as deep as 80 feet. Much like the King Mackerels, these fish are opportunistic carnivores. They are similar in appearance to the smaller King Mackerels in shape and color as well.

Spanish Mackerel tend to consume the smallest bait fish, while the larger adults will consume smaller herrings, menhaden, jacks, mullet, anchovy,  and sardines.

These fish are generally caught by trolling lines behind a boat or drifting from piers jetties or beaches. The best time to catch Spanish Mackerel is in the spring when the water temperature reaches the range of 72-73 degrees. Between the months of March and June are ideal to catch these fish.  If you think that Spanish Mackerel fishing is calling your name, then don’t hesitate to call and schedule your trip to make it a reality.

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