Shark Fishing Destin

Great “Big” Shark Fishing Adventures!

Are you ready to take on some of the most feared, toothy beasts the ocean has to offer? Shark fishing has maintained popularity for many years. While there are a variety of sharks found in Destin waters, bull sharks, hammerheads, blacktips, and sand sharks are some of the most common. Of these, bull sharks are the most abundant and likely the most dangerous as well. They are known for being aggressive invasive sharks that thrive in both saltwater and freshwater, which likely explains why they account for the majority of near shore attacks.

Shark fishing is not for those looking to bring home a tasty dinner. Many species of sharks have catch and release laws due to dwindling numbers. Still, it doesn’t really matter because shark is not very tasty game fish anyways.

Fishing for sharks is also unlike other big game fish. Once the anchor is dropped and the bait is set, you need to be patient and let the sharks come to you. Still, sharks are certainly an exhilarating catch and can offer some of the toughest and longest fights of any fish.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us about fishing the many different shark species and we will make sure to accommodate you. Sharks are one of the most feared predators in the world for a reason. These ill-tempered beasts are some of the strongest fish in the sea and will put up quite a fight with a mouthful of thrashing teeth.

Shark fishing in Destin is best done between March and October excluding the cold winter months. This is when you should plan your trip if you want to make shark fishing a priority.

These one day trips usually fill up fast.
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