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The red snapper is commonly found along the southeastern coast of the U.S. as well as the Gulf of Mexico. They reach maturity around 39cm while the common adult length is 60cm but can reach up to near 100cm. The red snapper inhabits waters generally between 30 and 200 feet and can be caught as deep as 300 feet. Red Snapper can reach the age of over 50 years old and can reach up to 50 pounds. Red Snapper are the most commonly caught snapper in the continental U.S.

The Red Snapper diet consists of just about anything.  However, they prefer small fish and crustaceans. Live or cut bait can be used when fishing for Red Snapper. Red Snapper like to nibble their bait which can make catching them more difficult. Still, with the right touch, hooking a Red Snapper should not be a problem.

It’s important to note that Red Snapper can be caught at varying sea levels. The bigger Red Snapper prefer structure to live in, which can make reefs, wreckage, and oil rigs valuable fishing locations when trying to find these fish.

The best time to catch Red Snapper is in mid-summer during the months of June and July. This is when you should plan your trip if you have you want to make Red Snapper fishing a priority.

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