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Red drum are one of Florida’s most sought after sport fish. Red drum are called by many other names such as channel bass, red bass, red fish or spottail. These fish are known for the drumming or croaking sound they make when pulled from the water or spawning. This noise is made by using special muscles to vibrate their swim bladders.

Red drum range from blackish, copper, silver, to the most common color of bronze. These fish have a distinguishing large black spot on the tail base. Red drum usually are measured at and average of 18 inches but can reach a length of up to 5 feet and weigh close to 100 pounds.

Red drum are found in grassy areas of bays, rocky outcroppings and around man made structures. These fish forage near the bottom of the water on shrimp, mullet, pinfish, crabs, flounder, menhaden, sea robin, spot, and lizard fish.

The Red drum are popular with anglers due to their delicious favor. Recreational fishing for these fish is open year round. Fish must be 18 to 27 inches with a limit of one per person per day.

These one day trips usually fill up fast.
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