Mahi Mahi Fishing

Mahi Mahi or commonly known as dolphin fish is a surface dwelling fish found in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. These fish are most commonly caught between 15 and 29 pounds though they can exceed 40 pounds. They are among the fastest growing fish, having a carnivorous diet. Mahi Mahi are prized fish because of their size, color, and food quality. Because of their long and somewhat narrow bodies they are fast. They can swim up to 50 knots (57.5mph) making them an excellent catch.

These fish often inhabit areas at the edge of a reef and can be found near floating debris at about 120 feet deep. Floating seaweed and other debris can often support entire ecosystems, making it an ideal spot for these fish.

Mahi Mahi are carnivorous with a diet that includes flying fish, crab, squid and mackerel. The best months to fish for Mahi Mahi are from April to October. Don’t wait to act if you want to catch some of these beautiful fish for yourself. Call us and we will schedule your fishing trip today.

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