Grouper Fishing Charters

Explore Destin’s water with the best deep sea fishing excursions!

Grouper fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing in Florida. Known for their stocky build and large mouths, these fish can be quite a challenge to reel in. While most often these fish are less than 100 pounds, they have been documented to reach up to 500 pounds.

Grouper are usually found at the depths of the Gulf of Mexico which is why they are considered bottom fishing.

Groupers do not have teeth at the edge of their jaws but rather tooth plates that allow them to crush their prey. This feature helps grouper to suck their prey and swallow them whole. Their mouth and gills also form a sucking system that allows them to pull in their prey from a distance.  There have been reports of giant grouper attacking humans though these are unconfirmed.

The best months to fish for Grouper are between April and December. If you are looking to catch some Grouper then don’t hesitate to call and schedule your trip.

These one day trips usually fill up fast.
Call ASAP to book your charter fishing adventure!



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