Family Fishing Trips



Let’s Go Fishing Family!

We will take you and your family out for a day of fishing regardless the group size or age. We have experience with all ages and can make accommodations for young children or the elderly. We have great boats and captains that want to make your family trip a fun and memorable experience. We understand that quality time with the family can be hard to come by and we strive to make every trip on our boats unique and unforgettable.

These one day trips usually fill up fast.
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The Best Fishing in Destin!

We have first mates that are great with children which allows the parents to relax and enjoy their time with us. We are always encouraging and give children the tips and help they need to make their first big catch. Whether they want to catch smaller fish by themselves (or with help) or the bigger fish with a little help, we take all the steps to guarantee a good time and more importantly their safety. All of these things are what separate us from other charter crew and create a great experience for the family.

There is no real age limit to go deep sea fishing. We have dealt with infants to 3 years and up. Since most of us have families with little ones, we understand the needs and can make necessary accommodations. Often young children will catch a nap on the way out and back, while sharing in the excitement when we are reeling in a catch.  Our Bay Fishing Charters are fun for almost anyone.

We will cater to your family’s needs and pick the right boat to enhance the experience. Please, feel free to contact us at 850-333-6998 or email us at  and we will make sure that you and your family create lasting memories.