Duck Hunting in Destin? Who Knew?

duck hunt

Sand, surf, seafood, paddle boarding, fishing and dolphins watching – these are common activities one might associate with a visit to Destin, Florida. But what about duck hunting? Have you ever thought about ducking in Destin? Chances are, the answer is no. But, if you are an avid duck hunter then you know that this exciting sport can be enjoyed in waterways all across America –especially those regions where bayous, backwater and inshore fishing are especially common.

The Florida duck season will begin before you know it. In fact, the regular season for ducks, coots, and light geese begins November 22 -30, the season then re-opens on December 6th until January 25th. At Get Hooked on Destin, we want to help you enjoy this exciting season and offer a variety of hunting packages, sure to fit any budget and skill level.  Our trips typically take place using one of the following venues –depending on what type of duck you are interested in hunting – layout boats, boat blinds, waders or bank blinds.

Bay & Diver Hunts

On our Bay/diver hunts, we target several species of ducks – redheads, bluebills, buffleheads, old squaws, scoters and canvasbacks – so you are sure to get your limit and have a fantastic time. This type of hunt generally begins approximately an hour and a half before daylight to allow time to set up and put out your decoy spread. We hunt for 3 hours or until a legal limit of ducks is harvested.

We will do our best to see that you have a successful hunt, but we do ask that you provide the following items when arrive:

  • Shotgun
  • Shotgun Shells
  • State and Federal Hunting License
  • Waders

In addition to the items above, we recommend bringing a small blind bag that contains gloves (and extra gloves), hand warmers, snacks, and drinks.

A Cast N’ Blast Trip

This is the ultimate sport person’s hunting trip. The Cast-n-Blast trip includes an all-day hunting and fishing package. There is duck hunting in the morning with a rest up mid-day and lunch. Then in the afternoon go fishing for flounder or sheephead. We can accommodate small parties as well as corporate trips.  So, a duck hunting trip is the perfect activity for a team building outing.

The Holidays are coming quickly, if you are looking for a great gift for the hunter in your life, why not book them a Cast –n-Blast or Bay/Diver trip and tuck the gift in a great looking box or stocking? You can be sure that it is a gift they will be totally excited about using! Contact us today, and get the most awesome gift ever scheduled for the sportsman in your life.



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