Deep Sea Fishing



Destin’s #1 Deep Sea Fishing Charters

We offer a variety of half day 4, 6, 8, and full day 10 to 18 hour fishing trips. When you board one of our deep sea fishing boats you will see why we are the most popular Destin Charter service. Our Captains and 1st mates are extremely knowledgeable and are very experienced in the Gulf of Mexico.

We offer a wide variety of fishing tactics, ranging from trolling, bottom fishing, and sight fishing. Depending on what is in season and the time of year, the Gulf offers a wide variety of sport and game fish. Our captains are willing to go above and beyond to fulfill your dream fishing trip.

These one day trips usually fill up fast.
Call ASAP to book your charter fishing adventure!


Extended Fishing Trips:

The crews get most excited about our overnight, 2 and 3 day fishing excursions. On these trips we can take our guests 70 to 150 miles off the coast for a fishing experience like nothing else. On these trips we have the luxury to fish for a variety of different species because of less time constraints. Typically we do a combination of deep-water live bait fishing for a multitude of big reef fish such as groupers, snappers, and amberjacks; while fishing for swordfish at night.

Still, there are many other options for fishing such as the ever-popular black fin tuna and yellow-fin tuna. Guests are always able to choose what they want to fish for provided it is the right time of year. We will educate you while providing a platform for you to reel in that big catch you always dreamed of.

During your stay on the boat we will eat very well. We cook a variety of food on the grill depending on your specifications and keep your thirst quenched with cold beverages. We try our best to make our guests feel welcome and comfortable on our boats. Not only do we want them to experience the fun of a good fishing trip, but enjoy the calmness and relaxation of being in the open Gulf.

Please call us to schedule you charter fishing excursion. These truly are some of the most fun trips for our guests and us.

Dockside Catering Delivery Destin, Florida

Dockside Catering Delivery is an innovative company geared to serve the needs of the Destin Fishing Fleet. Next time you’re preparing for your next boating adventure, they can deliver everything you need for a day on the water brought right to the docks prior to departure. Always striving to use fresh local ingredients whenever possible, along with Boar’s Head Hams & Cheeses, they pledge to use only products Made in the USA that are eco-friendly.

Special requests are gladly accepted.