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The Cobia is a long torpedo shaped fish with small eyes and a wide snout.  The skin is very smooth and ranges in color from dark brown to silver with 2 dark bands that run from the snout to the caudal fin.  These bands are more pronounced in young Cobia. The Cobia’s lower jaw projects out farther than the upper jaw.  It is easily recognized by the first dorsal fin which contains seven to nine strong spines.  They commonly are found at weights up to 50 pounds and 20 to 47 inches, but the record is 135 pounds and a length of 79 inches.

The Cobia are a Pelagic fish and are found around offshore reefs and the continental shelf.  They prefer pilings, flotsam, buoys, wrecks and other similar structures.  They can also be found residing in mangroves, bays, and inlets while searching for prey.

Cobias are carnivores and often eat their prey whole.  They feed on mullet, grunts, snappers, eels, jacks, pinfish, herring, crustaceans and cephalopods.  Cobias are known to follow turtles, sharks and rays in packs up to 100.  They will eat what is left behind.

Known for their delicious taste and texture, the Cobia is one of the most sought after popular game fish to catch.  Its incredible strength and power make it a thrilling catch.  Once hooked, hang on tight!  The Cobia put up one tough fight.  The best time to fish for Cobia is in the spring and fall. The fish migrate north as the temperatures rise and south when temperatures drop.


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