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Greater Amberjack are found in wrecks, ledges, and, reefs offshore in 60-240 feet of water and inshore near buoys and other floating objects in waters 30 feet or less.  Inshore they range from 5 to 10 pounds. Offshore they typically weigh between 30 and 60 pounds though the record is currently 142 pounds.  Female amberjacks live longer and are typically bigger than the males.

The largest of its species, the Greater Amberjack is recognized by dark stripes from the snout to the dorsal fins.  These fish can be distinguished from other species of amberjack by the number of gill rakers (11-19) as well as a long anal fin base. The Greater Amberjack has small eyes and a short pointed head.

Greater Amberjack are usually found in larger groups as juveniles and small groups as adults.  These fish are insatiable predators that feed on squid, crabs, and smaller reef fish.  Greater amberjacks are curious and friendly with divers.

Amberjack are prized among fisherman not only because of their fantastic taste but also for the thrilling battle it takes to land one.  A powerful bully, fishing for the Greater Amberjack is not for the weak or easily winded.  The Greater Amberjack recreational season opens from August 1st until June 1st.  Fisherman may take one fish per person per day.

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