Get the Most from Your Destin Vacation: 8 Steps to Success

Have you ever taken a vacation where so many thing went wrong, you wondered if you should have stayed home?  You know, one of  those trips where the sun never showed its face, road work delayed traffic and Aunt Susie spent the entire time complaining about the weather and the roadwork! Sound familiar?  Chances are, the answer is a heartfelt, “Yes”.  After a bad vacation experience, it might seem easier to try one of those “stay-cations” you have  heard people reference.

Thankfully, it is possible to have a great vacation.  You just need to do a bit of advanced planning.  Employing these eight steps to vacation success will allow you to get a jump start on a restful, relaxing vacation.



  1. Before taking your trip, scope out some key places that you, your family or your traveling companion will enjoy – being sure to have a couple of activities that can be done rain or shine! Know ahead of time the places’ locations, operating hours, admission and any other pertinent details so you can be prepared. Have a budget, but also try to plan for some extra expenses, as there can always be surprises-both good and bad- while vacationing.
  2. Get your children involved in helping to pack and plan for the trip. Let them make suggestions for the activities they would like to experience, have them pick out the clothing they want to wear and even have them be responsible for certain activities such as picture taking, seeing that the beach stuff is kept together, etc. Sharing the jobs of a vacation means that no one person must do everything.
  3. Plan for downtime. Going on vacation doesn’t have to mean seeing every shop along the Destin Harbor Walk the very first day, nor is it necessary to spend every waking hour on the water chasing waves. The thing that makes a vacation enjoyable is being able to relax, whether that means sleeping late a few mornings or indulging in a lazy afternoon by the hotel pool.
  4. Consider taking along a friend who is willing to help with childcare. Even better, plan your Destin vacation with another family so that there are multiple adults who can help with the kids. Better yet, have someone along who is willing to do some babysitting in exchange for not paying for part (or all) of the trip.
  5. Don’t be afraid of doing something spontaneous. Yes, it is good to plan ahead, but often there are events that you may have been unaware that you will enjoy.  Take advantage of the potential for adventure.
  6. Pay attention to the signals the people on your trip send. Whining about the day’s activities may not be the only tell-tale sign.  A lack of interest in what others are doing is also a good indicators. Don’t assume that everyone is having a great time.
  7. Always pack some healthy snacks. Candy from Sugar Baby’s is fine, but the sugar high will eventually dissipate. Healthy snack choices such as almonds, raisins, granola, fresh fruit, etc. will provide a healthy snack and can tide cranky vacationers over till the next meal.
  8. Plan some time for exercise. Take time each day for visiting your hotel’s gym, walking/jogging along the beach, or perhaps visit a local fitness center such as the Destin Health and Fitness Club, etc. Exercise builds energy and allows people to sleep better, too.

Although summer may be drawing to a close in many parts of the country, it doesn’t mean that people are not still taking vacations. And in Destin, there is still much to enjoy.  No, we cannot promise you won’t see a single raindrop, but we do know that the water is going to be beautiful. The sand is always gorgeously white and there is still an abundance of locations to visit. So, rather than opting for a stay-cation, make a reservation at the Destin accommodations of your choice, pack your bags and get ready to enjoy all that Destin, Florida has to offer. We are certain you will have wonderful time!

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